First Week of Class

29 Aug

Sorry I left my new found readers without reading material for the weekend. I went to LA and forgot about the world  BUT I’m back to reality. It’s the first week of Fall classes and like every returning semester things are hectic. Freshmen are running around lost but excited. Seniors are like the walking dead, their there but not really. Everyone else is just trying to get to class without losing their minds or sanity.

I have four senior classes, a TA job, an internship and a very small part time job during the weekends. I like to keep busy but I warn my readers that to have so much responsibility you must be extremely organized, strong, dedicated,  responsible and have a sense of humor. If I couldn’t laugh at the lack of social life I’ve had at times I would fall and cry. If I weren’t so responsible I wouldn’t have so many people depending on me. If I weren’t so determined to succeed I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’m expecting this semester to be full of work, projects and fun networking  since I plan to be more involved at USF. That’s another piece of advice I give to my reader; BE INVOLVED!!! If anything involvement gives you amazing memories but also when done right you get connections for a lifetime. I’m currently involved in Latinas Unidas and PRSSA. I also plan to join Delta Sigma Pi which I’ve heard is an amazing group.

I’m going to leave it on that note since I am currently working on getting ready to represent PRSSA at the involvement fair. Write to you later!

Involvement Fair


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