M.A.C Flawlessness

4 Mar

Hi fellow readers!

I had a wonderful productive Saturday by working on marketing recommendations for a client and by going to work BUT the best part was visiting the M.A.C department in Bloomingdale’s. I always get a rush when walking through those clean Westfield Mall window doors. I literally float up the stairs passing “Little Brown Bag” displays curious if I’ll buy one today and smelling all the wonderful perfumes being “tested” by fabulous city characters. I pass the Michael Kors department barely escaping the urge to buy the Grayson Large Logo Satchel (LOVE IT!) and head straight for the M.A.C department.



I just attend the SHOP M.A.C event last week which was fabulous. I made a to-die-for purchase by buying the VIVA GLAM Nicki, a scene-stealing Lipstick by Nicki Minja. Every cent from the sale goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS plus it was a limited edition!

ImageI also bought a lipstick Creme D’Nude and PlushGlass lip gloss which adds a sheer lip color with a pearlized high-shine gloss finish. It gives a vanilla buzz to the your lips which makes them feel fuller and amazing. It also contains vitamin E for added environmental protection!


 I kept all my recent purchases in the back of my mind when I went back to M.A.C today wondering to myself how the hell I got there in the first place. My mind instantly remembered the feeling of an ultra-light, gel-like cream that absorbs instantly to give the skin intense hydration. During the SHOP M.A.C event, my make up artist had asked me about my skin type as every professional should. I told her my face gets oily throughout the day and that I don’t use a moisturizer to reduce the oiliness. Apparently I have it all backwards! “MOISTUREZ” she tells me. I was confused but she explained that my face is making up for the lack of moisture by creating oil and that I need a light gel based moisturizer. She had recommended Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel.

To wrap up I didn’t buy it that day but I really wanted to, so today was the day I was going to get it, and I DID! I recommend it to everyone especially those fighting oil and need moisture. It’s weightless and absorbs instantly leaving your face amazingly smooth.

Happy shopping! 


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