14 Mar

I love color! Okay now that I confessed I  will also confess my wardrobe consists mostly of black, white and brown items. I don’t mean to be plain but I love how black makes me look and feel.

I feel like a classy business woman, a feisty New Yorker (not from NY), a mysterious Latina, and a determined individual that’s on a mission (CIA style). I also like the clean look of white and the challenge to keep it clean ALL DAY. I love how brown highlights the hazel and brown in my eyes and makes my hair look darker.

These are my favorite colors so when I go get my nails done I like to keep them simple and classy. I get Gel white tips for $30 at Divisadero Nails. I love their work and I have always known they were talented but I never dared to get anything crazier than white tips.

Last week I went to get my nails done on a wonderful San Francisco Sunday. The weather was amazing and I was just getting over a horrible cold so I decided today would be the day to be BOLD.

Colors are so pretty and the bravest I have ever been has led me to wear colors but on rare occasions.

I always play it safe but I realized sometimes you just have to chance it. The color might work or you might look crazy for about 8 hours or more but at least you took a chance.

The result of my bravery lead me to an amazing result which I like to call “Candy Explosion!!! I love how the colors pop and so did everyone else that saw my masterpiece decision. It made me feel powerful and really brightened my day when I looked done t see all these colors on my nails. I officially love color and feel like this year I will try to wear a more color. More risk taking and more chances…I just want more rainbows 🙂


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