Pheed Takes Social Media to a More Complicated Level

14 Oct

Pheed, a new social network, is attempting to bring all the things we love from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into one simple platform. On Pheed, you create your own “channel” from which you can share text, photos, videos, voice-notes and audio clips, and live broadcasts. You can get updates from the channels you subscribe to (like Facebook).

I decided to give Pheed an opportunity today and I created an account. I ran into trouble when trying to change my channel background and I am currently stuck with a highway picture. I was also very confused when I saw a payment option. With Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIN, Pinterest and Instagram having free accounts WHY would I (or anyone) pay for a social media channel?

With most of my friends not current subscribers of Pheed I searched for celebrities that I follow on Twitter and Facebook. To my surprise celebrities such as Chris Brown , Big Sean , Djimon Hounsou  charge followers to view and share their content! This approach is not appealing and though these are celebrities I follow on Twitter, their content is not groundbreaking enough to be paying a monthly subscription for. I also ran across a charging channel for Christina Milian but the account states that she does not have an account yet! Some accounts charges users $2.99 to $4.99 to subscribe on wither a monthly subscription or setting a pay-per-view live broadcast event.

The social dashboard desgin on Pheed allows users to easily upload video, audio, words, pictures, or even a live stream onto their Pheed. I tried uploading a photo which was easy and I noticed a “copyright this pheed” button at the bottom of the post I was creating. Once I posted the picture I noticed the interactive buttons. The options let you “love this,” “don’t love this,” “keep this” or “add hastage.” You can also share on other social channels which reminds me of Pinterest and Instagram.

With so many social media outlets I doubt I will be keeping my Pheed account. Although I like the copyright feature, the audio upload option I don’t agree with the option to monetize content. I like the idea that I can share and keep in contact with brands, companies, celebrities and friends for free. Though Pheed is trying to provide you with everything we love from other social channels, the platform is not user friendly and puts a price on content. Not for me.


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