Dear Magazine Product Review

23 Aug

This post is for the average women that tried that recommended spray, wax, shampoo, blush and other miscellaneous product of the month and always wondered is it me…

I am your average women that picks up the latest magazine in the supermarket for my monthly gossip fix. Along with indulging in the most recent news about Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and some random celebrities that we are currently obsessed about but won’t give a damn about tomorrow, I also turn to you oh glorious glossy magazine for fashion and beauty advice. I know your staff get’s the latest products and I blindly trust your product reviews.

ImageYou could say I was naive or blinded by the beautiful women on this glossy book of deceits but I truly trusted the product reviews by big name magazine such as Cosmo, Elle and Vogue. As most Latinas I also asked around my circle of girlfriends too since positive word-of-mouth usually closes the deal for me to trust in a product and make a purchase.


Recently I read a review about Bumble and bumble “making waves since 2001” Surf Spray. Surf Spray is a recipient of the (1st annual) 2012 Details Magazine Best of Grooming Awards. I was curious to try it and  after reading this magazine product review I was sold. I purchased the product three weeks ago from Sephora and just recently had the opportunity to use it.

The results were fatal! I have wavy Latina hair that hasn’t quiet decided if it wants to be straight or curly so it just ends up being difficult. After showering I put the product as directed and assumed I would have sexy touchable wavy beach hair in moments as the reviews claimed, but to my horror I had a tangled mess to deal with! I not necessarily saying the product doesn’t work but for my hair it was a total disaster!

I was talking to my girlfriends about my recent product let down and I told them that though I personally don’t know the editorial staff that tests out the products and reviews them, I can surely claim that woman is not your average woman. I want products to be tested by your average receptionist that has to depend her life on that Dove® deodorant when she’s running throughout the city in between meetings to buy bagels no one might even eat. I want your next Garnier® hair treatment to be tested out by someone that has little time in the morning to spend drying, curling, styling and adding some final volume to last you only till noon (if you’re lucky). I want your next COVERGIRL® lipstick to be tested out by someone that goes on the regular foodie expeditions. Lets see how that shade stands to a hearty Hispanic breakfast, followed by Italian for lunch and for dinner a Rib Eye Steak with broccolini and mashed potatoes. If by desert that shade is still on and you only had to touch it up twice that day its a winner in my book!

This post is for the average women that tried that recommended spray, wax, shampoo, blush and other miscellaneous product of the month and always wondered is it me…Its not!

Sincerely Yours,

The Average Reader with a Latina Twist




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